Two Very Different Stories from Germany’s Top of the Table Clash

The Top of the table clash was nowhere near the close fought contest it had potential to be with the record German champions teaching the newbies a footballing lesson. TBFP takes a look at the two drastically opposite stories of the two sides from the match in full detail.

Chelsea 2016-17: The Story So Far

Have you ever come across the advertisements of those weight loss programs with a “before” and an “after” picture, portraying a fat-bellied man or woman in the left and a magically fitter version of the same on the right? Or maybe you have seen those promises of hair regrowth on a bald face which suddenly…

The New Bayern so far

As I sit to pen this article down – I admit, I have mixed feelings. Before the beginning of this season – I had predicted Bayern would have a slump near mid season in my Bundesliga Preview. Naturally as a football analyst – I am pretty pleased with myself. As a Bayern fan though –…

Diego Costa-The Devil Chelsea Deserve and The One They Need Too

Do you remember that bully at school? Yes, the one who used to do all the annoying things and threatened you not to tell the teacher anything and the consequence will be severe if that happens. And after all those, if you had the guts to complain to the teacher, he somehow used to turn…

Bayern Munich’s Unsung Hero

Many ungrateful Bayern fans have gone as far as to call for him to be sold off by the time he was still valuable. The myopic football community had all but written him off hailing Griezmann – the new and apparently better French phenomenon. Call him unruly or old – In this world of Ronaldos, Messis and Neymars – He is someone akin to Maradona – crazy, untamed and pure magic. He just can’t be put down.

The Big Bundesliga Preview

With The Bundesliga set to kick off – Here is our preview to one of the most exciting leagues this season.

Neymar the Redeemer as the Olympic Curse is Finally Lifted for Brazil

Football experts can breathe a bit easy now: one of the greatest riddles of football-world is now solved. Football’s greatest nation has finally won the elusive Olympic gold. The monkey is off the back. Football in Olympics is always a bit like that neglected middle child of the big family. First of all, it is…

A crazy curtain raiser to a -Hopefully crazier season

Neuer and Muller together pull of a win for Bayern from what seemed a certain loss. Had Messi done what these two did the world would have gone mad calling it the best performance of years. But well – that’s why Muller and Neuer are called the silent assasins – #World Champions.


So, after the end of an interesting pre season, a brand new season of EPL awaits us all. This season is being tipped by many to be one of the most exciting in recent times due to the managerial battles involved. Guardiola and Conte are set to try their hands at EPL for the first…

The death of the Beautiful game?

If football is just another sport to you – this article is not for you. If you are one of those who just watch much hyped matches like the el classico and give your dumbass views on the Messi-Ronaldo debate – look away. This is one for the lovers of the beautiful game from a…

FussballGott bids adieu

The man who made me fall in love with German Football and with Bayern Munich now won’t be playing for any of the two – but for me those teams will always be signified by Him.