About Us

Well, we are basically three undergrad students from NIT Warangal

  • Falguni Ghosh
  • Saptarshi Rakshit
  • Abheek Chatterjee
  • We do have a fourth partner who is unnamed, cause who cares about technical staff?

We love discussing football and thought ” Why not blog about it” 😛
If you eat, sleep, breathe and also READ football, CONGRATULATIONS! You have come to the right place. Our aim is to revolutionise the way football is viewed. It sounds more like an ambition though but hey, a little bit of ambition never killed anyone. For us, football is not just a game, rather a way of living- a way of expressing yourself. Football is changing, with results mattering more and more, success being the sole milestone. But among all these chaos, somewhere, the “Beautiful Game” is still alive, through the determination of the players, through the loudly shouted out instructions of the worried managers and through the passion of lovely fans like you. You and We-together we can change everything. You and We- together we can be Us. You will show us the strikers’ goals, we will introduce you to their defence-splitting runs. You will appreciate the midfielders’ killer passes. We will get awestruck by their work-rates. You will tell us about those last-ditch tackles of the defenders, we will show you the way they build up the play from the backline with those neat passes. You will point out the stunning one-on-one saves of the keepers while we will remind you of the passion that makes them put their bodies in danger day in and day out. In a world divided by hate for rivals, you and we can spread the love by appreciating the little things which don’t get the deserved attention. Coz, You and We complement each other. Join us as we undertake our ambitious journey to change the way football is viewed.

P.S. This got too serious? Don’t worry, we are the only blog that will try its best to combine football with humour too. 🙂